Almagest Ltd.

99.99 vol.%

99.99 vol.%

Almagest is the only Bulgarian producer of bioethanol – dehydrated ethyl alcohol which may be used as a substitute to the gasoline fuel in internal combustion engines.

Using bioethanol for fuelling gasoline engines reduces the green-house gases emitted by minimum 60% compared to ordinary gasoline fuel.

The Bulgarian legislation provides that minimum of 7% of gasoline sold in the gas stations shall be bioethanol.

The international standard requires that the bioethanol has alcohol content of minimum 98.7%. With 99.99% alcohol content, the bioethanol produced by Almagest is well above the requirement.

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Certificate as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)
Certificate as meeting the requirements of HACCP Codex Alimentarius (PDF)
Kosher Certificate (PDF)
Certificate as meeting the requirements of Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the certification system ISCC EU (PDF)
Good Manufacturing Practice Guide For Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (PDF)